Fundamentals of Hypnosis

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Hypnosis is an induced state of mind, or altered state of consciousness, during which the subject becomes receptive to suggestions.

The hypnotic state is induced by suggestively removing conscious awareness to maintain a higher level of concentration. The skilled professional hypnotist supplies the instruction of timed intervals to a cooperative subject to create this state of mind.

We experience hypnosis many times during the day and are unaware it has happened. We experience hypnosis when watching a movie or television, when daydreaming, or when driving a car for long periods and cannot remember certain familiar places we passed. We experience the hypnotic state when we read or get enraptured with music.

In other words, we have experienced this delightful state, and we have the potential to create it for our own desired benefit. That is where self-hypnosis comes into play. Instead of having it happen to us while experiencing an event or allowing a professional to induce this state,we induce ourselves in this blissful state and direct our energies toward the ends we wish and desire.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool. When coupled with the appropriate suggestions, it can effect unbelievable changes in an individual. These changes can take on the character of altering bodily functions to changing behaviour and attitudes. This book on self-hypnosis is useful to anyone who wishes to redirect and improve his behaviour and attitudes for a better and productive way of life.

Once you have mastered the techniques and experience of self-hypnosis,you will have them for the rest of your life - to be used by you and for you, for increased motivation, self-sufficiency, self-confidence,self-understanding and self-improvement. The unique ability to use self-hypnosis as needed on a continuing basis for self-development is strongly recommended.

There are seven basic elements to self-hypnosis that must be mastered:
  1. Induced state of hypnotic trance through relaxation.
  2. Testing depth of hypnotic trance.
  3. Problem area to be investigated.
  4. Post-hypnotic suggestions for change.
  5. State of relaxation prior to awakening.
  6. Awake clear-headed and full of energy.
  7. Practice daily for approximately 15 minutes (a must).

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Self Hypnosis: A Method of Improving Your Life.
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