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Short-term goals can usually be handled without outside help or extensive research.

Long-term or life goals do require more than an evening’s thought, so perform the research, seek outside counsel, but make the final analysis and decision yourself.

Daily Goals

Since goals are so important to achievement, adopt the habit of making a daily list of the six important things you will do each day. Make your list in the degree of their importance, the most important item first. Write out your list the night before; then the next day as each task is accomplished, strike it from the list.

With this daily plan, you are organizing your day. Once the plan becomes a habit, you will find more time for other and more meaningful things, and you are formulating a good habit. You will be surprised, as have so many others, at how much more you can accomplish with our "six-important-things" plan. Remember, too, good habits are as easy to keep as bad ones. Put this plan into action today.

Start Immediately

After you have completed setting goals and building your desire to achieve your goals, get started immediately; start putting into action the first steps necessary for reaching your goal. This may mean making a phone call, drawing up a list of action-steps, designing a plan, or drawing up an outline. Whatever you do, do it in the order of goal-importance.

The ancient Chinese had a wise formula. "A thousand-mile journey begins with the first step." Your successful journey through a happy, productive, and healthy life will begin with our first act. You now have the tools, the methods, and the process. NOW is the time for action.

To summarize:
  1. Define your goals.
  2. Write out your goal contract.
  3. Visualize the goal as achieved.
  4. Repeat the process as necessary.

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