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This self-image which started from the shapeless blur of infancy now permeates all out thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, habit-patterns, values, standards and aspirations.

Changing The Self-Image

In order to comprehend fully the mechanics of image change, we must first acknowledge the effect our environment has had upon us since childhood. When we view the educational system, work performance, and other functional specialties, we must recognize that our society, for most people, is based on the performance of the minimum achiever.

To improve our self-image and begin experiencing the successful behaviour it stimulates, we start programming images of ourselves as being successful. Using hypnosis to make the suggestion more efficient, we use images and the warm glow to cause immediate improvement.

When giving these suggestions under hypnosis, make it exceedingly personal; then visualize yourself acting in imaginative accordance with the image the suggestion creates. And always give yourself the warm glow, the feeling of accomplishment and reward.

In your daily life, THINK "Will this action or behaviour enhance my self-image?" before acting. Enhance your success images with strong emotional resolve. There is no substitute for perseverance and determination.

To summarize Changing the Self-Image:
  1. Put yourself in a deeply relaxed state.
  2. See yourself as you would like to be, not as you think you are.
  3. Give yourself the reward of self-esteem.
  4. Expand and repeat as necessary.
  5. Use strong emotional feelings to enhance your success images.

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