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This discussion will cover how habits are developed over the years and how awareness of negative thinking can become the catalyst for change.

You will learn that habits can be either the "chains that bind you," or stepping stones to success.

For the most part, we are unconscious of the habits upon which approximately 90% of our waking life depends; from brushing our teeth in the morning to the manner and time we go to sleep at night.

Habits are tools which serve the important function of relieving the conscious mind for more important activities. Habits are stored patterns of behaviour which serve the needs of the individual. But habits are learned, and are formed from what once was conscious behaviour.

Over the years, through repetition, this behaviour has become largely an automatic habit pattern. With the use of hypnosis, it is well to remember that as habits are learned, they can be unlearned.

Learning habit formations means, then, that habits are learned by practice.

Consequently, a negative or "bad" habit can be replaced, substituted for, and erased by a "good" or positive habit with practice. This is highly important to remember in connection with the practical use of hypnosis.

The kinds of learning we are considering here stress the organization of positive behaviour into habits - learned stimulus-response sequences for self-improvement. It is the development of new habit patterns and the changing of old ones through hypnotic techniques and autosuggestion that we are presently concerned with. And the crucible for change is desire.

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