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Under hypnosis conscious activity is greatly reduced, and provided the conscience does not disapprove, the subconscious mind becomes receptive to suggestions.

While hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, the experience does not distort or block conscious thought. With the hyper-awareness or concentrated attention which is hypnosis, only the critical areas are subdued and the suggestion becomes paramount.

As the suggestion can never describe completely the complex detail of behaviour that we want to become a habit, we make full use of our imagination to integrate the behaviour-habit-attitude patterns into our memory.

This is the process. See yourself as you would like to be, not as you might think you are. The subconscious mind will always accept and respond to the images you give it, and habit-change is perhaps the most important instrument of hypnosis; for habit-change means behaviour-change, and behaviour-change means attitude-change. We internalize the good and profitable adjustment to create and maintain constructive habit patterns or formations.

While some habits can be established by a single suggestion, most habits require repetition, generally on successive days, to become effective and permanent. This is largely caused by insufficient information for the imagination to completely structure the behaviour required by the new habit.

After experiencing a trial or experiment with the new visualized habit, again under hypnosis, we recycle the original suggestion, expand on the image, to more deeply instill the new habit. This process of trial and spaced repetition is to be continued until we find ourselves performing the more desirable habit we want.

The subconscious mind resists changes of existing habit patterns, whether they are good or bad. The most effective way to persuade the subconscious to submit to change is through the process of comparative reward. If the subconscious has two or more habit patterns to do the same job, it will select the most self-rewarding habit to use.

The process of changing a habit by hypnosis involves suggestion of the new habit, completion and integration using the imagination, and establishing a reward value exceeding that of the old habit. This means, essentially, a sales job to the subconscious mind on the many and varied benefits of the new habit.

To do this, we picture ourselves in our imagination successfully executing and performing the new habit with that wonderful warm glow of success, satisfaction and elation. It is generally not necessary to extinguish the old habit by hypnotic suggestion, as this comes by a natural process of forgetting through disuse.

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