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In this session enthusiasm is stressed. Techniques for building and emphasizing this magnificent expression are outlined and itemized for your instruction.

Suggestions and positive imagery of the achieved goal, together with enthusiasm, will facilitate your self-development, ascent into higher realms of thinking, planning and especially performing. The ancient Greeks formulated the word "enTheos" from which the English word "enthusiasm" is derived.

To the Greeks "EnTheos" meant "inspired by the gods" or "by possession" to inspire the highest poetic ecstasy.

This admirable impetus of man means to be inspired, "turned on." When we actively pursue a clear and desirable goal with the firm belief that we will achieve it, we become enthusiastic.

Enthusiasm is the thrill and the self-satisfaction we experience when using our abilities to the fullest. Like the mountain climber, we love to climb. Like a healthy attitude, enthusiasm seems to spark extra energy for the pursuit of our goals.

When with enthusiasm and dedication we achieve a goal, we then experience and reinforce our self-esteem, self-worth and self-satisfaction.

There are some who can be enthusiastic about life without a worthwhile goal in mind. Their goal is to continually experience the thrill of enthusiasm. While this is fine and makes for a more enjoyable life, there can never be the self-satisfaction of achieving a worthwhile goal and the enhancement of our abilities from it.

There are many highly desirable benefits from being enthusiastic. Our efficiency is greatly enhanced as we achieve more from our efforts. Our directness toward achieving the goal keeps us from drifting into less productive activities. Anxiety and worry are substantially reduced. Our enjoyment of life in general is broadened.

As we are ourselves inspired, so we in turn inspire others and we acquire a more magnetic personality. Our outlook on life and people becomes more optimistic. Self-confidence increases - faith in one's capabilities is enhanced. Success then becomes simply a matter of setting the right goals.

Enthusiasm results from three essential components. These are a goal, self-confidence and desire.

A goal must be a vivid visualization of the object, station or accomplishment to be realized. It must be realistic to be within the reach of your capabilities. Still, it should present a challenge to make full use of, or to surpass, your present capability. Never underestimate yourself. This is more damaging than pursuing a goal beyond your ability.

Self-confidence must be based on an honest and realistic yet enthusiastic evaluation of your present capabilities and the potential growth expected. You must have a firm belief in yourself as a being competent and capable of achieving your goal.

The desire must be strong enough to win over other wants and desires that will compete for satisfaction, and of such intensity as to establish it as a dominant desire crying out for satisfaction.

With these components working together, the act of achieving the goal will be inspired and brimming over with enthusiasm. Such a combination, under almost any condition or situation, brings only success.

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