Building Enthusiasm

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To have enthusiasm you should be moving toward a desirable and worthwhile goal with the self-assurance that you will achieve it.

The following technique using hypnosis sets the goal, builds self-confidence, and generates the desire to accomplish your goal. Follow the step-by-step instructions for maximum effectiveness.

Select a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Have a pencil and pad of paper to make notes. This is a business meeting with your mind so proceed in a business-like manner. Using self-hypnosis, obtain a deeply relaxed state and give yourself the following suggestions:
  1. Every fibre and cell of my body is coming active.
  2. I am becoming more mentally aware.
  3. My thinking is crystal-clear and concise.
  4. My understanding is expanding into new dimensions.
  5. I feel the warm glow of self-confidence expanding with every thought.

As you build your enthusiasm and become "turned on" to your goals, aspirations and desires, you are also centralizing and coordinating your efforts. In this way you are bridging the gap between what you have and what you want. Determination does not mean a grim-lipped, intent, prohibiting open-mindedness. Quite the contrary, to become excited with one's own life stimulates inquiry, investigation, and challenge. Life is not a cut-and-dried succession of habit patterns, but a great adventure in exploring and expanding.

The person who generates enthusiasm affects every person with whom he comes in contact. To build enthusiasm means to live life; and with optimism and faith one can look for the best in everything and everybody. This in turn will spark the wish to succeed and rise to even greater heights.

Recognize, accept and experience the wonderful talents you have, and have had all along. Keep your eye on the mountain top. Get a "kick" out of living, breathing, people and the world in general. Then you can't help but become enthusiastic about you.

Activate Your Desire

Enthusiasm comes with a strong desire, an almost passionate state of mind, a burning desire, that motivates you into action with an excitement that makes you glad to be alive. Some suggestions to generate this degree of motivation are as follows:
  1. My goals lead me to success through the full use of my mind abilities.
  2. Working toward my goals gives me a feeling that makes me glad to be alive.
  3. I look forward to the opportunity of working on my goals. I look forward to today, a new day, a fresh stay.
  4. I know that whatever I conceive I will achieve to the very fullest of my ability.

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