Building Self Confidence

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Self-confidence comes primarily from self-knowledge; knowledge of who you are and what you are capable of doing. It is the firm undisputed belief in your own talents and abilities that succeeds in turning your goals into events.

Being self-confident does not mean that you have to be cocky or blustery. Two of the most humble men the world has ever known were supremely self-confident: Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein.

The pages of history are filled with great men, who through a self-abiding, unconquerable sense of self-confidence, achieved massive works in literature, architecture, science, art, religion and technology. Belief, trust and faith in oneself are the stepping-stones to greatness.

The following suggestions are recommended to bolster your self-confidence until it becomes realized.
  1. I have a sincere belief in myself, my talents and my abilities.
  2. I fully enjoy being ME.
  3. I am an individual person with a unique and positive personality all my own.
  4. I feel a sincere interest and friendliness toward other people.
  5. I treat all people in a direct, earnest and confident manner that immediately wins their cooperation and friendliness.
  6. I find good in all people and freely praise their good points.
  7. My every thought and action builds my enthusiasm and self-confidence.
  8. I feel the sincere desire to inspire others with my enthusiasm.
  9. I listen to what other people have to say and I hear. I comprehend fully and completely. I understand.
  10. I have fund of contributions to make to my community. I am vitally interested in the welfare of others and always will be.

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