Testing Self Induction

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For the first four or five attempts you should not try to find out how deeply you have gone. It might be discouraging if you learned it was only a very light stage or none at all. Each time you practice you should slip in a little deeper.

After the fifth session some tests may be made. Of course, if you are sure you are reaching a deep state after one or two attempts, you can proceed sooner with the tests.

- After your deep relaxation exercise, take two or three minutes to feel heavy. In feeling heavy, you may imagine yourself as weighted down. Imagine your body is made of lead pushing you down in your seat.

- Next, take two or three minutes to feel light. Imagine how it would feel to be a feather floating around in air, or imagine yourself a balloon floating with each air current.

- Next, take two or three minutes to feel warm. Imagine yourself in a sauna bath or steam room or out in the sun on a very hot day. Relate to an experience you have had. Your memory and imagination will do the rest.

- Finally, take two or three minutes to feel cool. Imagine yourself in the snow or in a cold shower on a cold morning. Again, relate to a physical sensation you have experienced before.

Following your four explorations of heavy, light, warm and cool, next give yourself a few suggestions regarding how you want to think, feel, act and react that day. If you are practicing at night, give yourself a few suggestions on how you wish to be the next day.

These exercises are a training set to help you condition your mind and body for autosuggestions. The more you practice, the better you will become. The better you become, the deeper your trance will be. The better your trance state, the more effective your suggestions will be.

When you become proficient at these states, you can eliminate them from your daily session as you will automatically go into a deep trance ready for your daily suggestions.

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