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A suggestion is accepted uncritically by the mind at the subconscious and unconscious level.

The critical areas of the conscious mind, with its processes of logic and reason, are bypassed in the relaxed state and accepted in the subconscious as a goal to be satisfied.

To maximize the effectiveness of suggestions, there are certain rules to follow.

Formulation Of Suggestions

A suggestion should describe the goal desired, rather than the means to achieve it. The lower levels of conscious and subconscious awareness will map the way. All suggestions should be phrased in an emphatic and positive manner. Use the personal "I", "I AM", "I SHALL", OR "I WILL" to lock down your intent and present your subconscious with firm intent. 

Be specific as well as positive. The most powerful words in the English language are "I AM" How you conclude that sentence will determine your success or failure. It will determine whether you will be constructive or destructive; pleasant or unpleasant; motivated to success or apathetic and listless. The completion of that sentence beginning with "I am "determines your self-image.

Use positive sentences such as "I am fully confident in myself and my abilities." This etches the suggestion in our mind like your signature on a contract.

Do not phrase a suggestion "I will not doubt myself or my abilities." The subconscious "hears" the NOT and may reverse the original intent. Therefore, at all times in phrasing suggestions, be sure they are worded in an emphatically positive way. 

For example, "I am fully self-confident at all times, in all areas and with all people," is a highly desirable state of being and your suggestion imprints your intent into the subconscious.

Incorporate, too, a strong emotional reason for acceptance of the suggestion. Use your imagination to fan desire. Feel the "warm glow" of satisfaction as your enthusiasm and optimism grow. The warm glow of self-satisfaction, self-esteem and self-worth adds emotional strength to the suggestion and acts as reinforcement and a reward.

If the suggestion is to be used repeatedly, extract a "cue" word or short phrase to identify it to your subconscious. In time it will only be necessary to use the cue word or phrase. With practice this will impart the suggestion, the image, and the warm glow to the subconscious as effectively as repeating the complete sentence or suggestion.

After becoming relaxed, the suggestion becomes the vehicle for change, while the image to see yourself as that person is the process. The warm glow strengthens both the suggestion and image which is responsive to reinforcement and/or reward.

To summarize:

First, the vehicle: make the suggestion positive.

Second, the image: see yourself as you would like to be.

Third, the warm glow: a strong feeling of self-esteem, self-satisfaction, and self-worth.

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