Principles of Suggestions (2)

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A suggestion is accepted in the mind by virtue of:
Concentrated Attention

Repetition of a suggestion for periods of time will result in acceptance of the suggestion. Once accepted, the mind re-shapes behaviour to internalized attitude and actualize the suggestion.

This principle is utilized in "The Power of Positive Thinking." As we are all aware, commercial advertisers employ this principle to ingrain brand names and company slogans into our minds. The magic of repetition is the very essence of concentrated attention in hypnosis.

Reversed Effect

When a suggestion is accompanied by doubtful or negative thoughts, the mind will usually react inversely to the intent of the suggestion.

This often happens in the dentist's chair when we tell ourselves that it will not hurt. The result is that more pain occurs than if we had thought nothing at all. As you can see, apprehension to "hurt" alerts the mind to realize the experience.

This is the reverse effect of a "split" thought. To think nothing of the possible hurt in the dentist's chair means greater relaxation and mentally turning away the discomfort.

Therefore, since it is positive suggestion you desire, under no circumstances follow it with a negative thought or doubt or feeling that would counteract and possibly destroy your intent.

Persist in:
  1. your suggestion...
  2. the image...
  3. the warm glow...
...and you will eliminate the reversed effect.

* * *

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