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When the mind is presented with more than one suggestion, the emotionally strongest suggestion will usually predominate.

This does not mean that you can only give yourself one suggestion at a practice period. It simply means that the more emotionally aroused you are, either with desire or need or both, the more effectively will the suggestion register in your subconscious.

Emotions are feelings that have become intensified. When we get "stirred up" about some area of our life, we become emotional about it. In self-hypnosis, if you are giving yourself several suggestions for improvement, the one with the greatest emotional feeling attached to it will become more intensely and penetratingly recorded in your conscious and subconscious. How we feel about ourselves in any given area can be used constructively in hypnosis to improve, to expand and to explore.

For this reason, the dominant effect of the suggestions you give yourself will be determined by the priority in which you feel or are emotional about your desires, hopes and goals. If there is a single isolated area in which you feel stronger than the others, then as you give yourself suggestions, that one will predominate. This is the dominant effect.

In conclusion, remember to allow time for the suggestions to become effective. The subconscious must go through extensive mental operations to consolidate the information given before it can respond.

To summarize Formulating Suggestions:
  1. Describe the goal and be specific.
  2. Personalize with "I am" or "I will."
  3. Make the suggestion positive.
  4. Cue an emotion.
  5. Use a key phrase.
To summarize Principles of Suggestions:
  1. Concentrated attention
  2. Reversed effect.
  3. Dominant effect.
  4. Emotion can act as a motive (Motivated Action)
  5. Allow time for effective response.

In constructing suggestion, always think in the end result. Be concerned with what you do want, not what you do not want. Do not be concerned with your bad habits. Rather, concentrate on what it is that you do want in your life.

Finally, give yourself some post-hypnotic suggestions, "Each and every time I hypnotize myself, I relax even more easily and freely. I look forward to practicing because I enjoy it. It is fun and it is good for me."

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