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Answer the following questions (in writing) and don't be modest of underestimate yourself:
  1. Evaluate your present abilities and competencies and answer the question "Who am I and what am I?"
  2. Determine your growth potential and answer the question "If I made the effort, what could I do?"
  3. Determine all possible goals and answer the question "Where can I go and what can I achieve?"
  4. Select the best possible goals, ones that appear to be the most satisfying to you and answer the question "Where am I going?"
  5. Estimate the period of time involved and answer the question "How long should it take to accomplish this?"
Now make out your goal contract in writing and in detail. Date and sign your full name. This is the most important contract you will every make, for it is with the most important person in your life yourself. This is a commitment. You are now dedicated to the achievement of your goals.

Goal Contract Set

The selected goals must become ingrained in your mind with such fixed resolve that your whole personality becomes reshaped toward their achievement. To do this, you will exercise your newfound ability in self-hypnosis as follows:
  1. Read over your completed goal contract several times.
  2. Put yourself in the deeply relaxed, self-hypnotic state.
  3. Again review your goal contract in every detail.
  4. Visualize yourself as having achieved your goal. See the end result, the finished product
  5. Give yourself the "warm glow" and feeling of self-satisfaction of your achievement.
  6. Awaken yourself, or let the hypnotic state lapse into natural sleep.
The purpose of your visualization is clear to see your goal just as if it had already become a reality, the end result. This is because the subconscious will always accept and respond to the images you give of yourself to yourself. See your goals as achieved and the ways and means will gradually be revealed to you as you exercise the efforts necessary to reach your goals.

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